Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How'd Week One Go?

Week One wasn't *terrible*. It wasn't 100% either, though.

Sugar: I actually did really great on my No Sweet Treats plan all last week (starting Monday) until Saturday. Saturday we attended FOUR birthday parties. Crazy, right? I was pretty proud of myself-- I had planned to have one treat at the last party. That friend is a great baker, and I knew her cake would be worth it. So I withstood the pink funfetti cupcakes at Party #1. I didn't eat the blue Robot cake at party #2. I just dropped the girls off at Party #3, so no temptations there! And I ate one cupcake at Party #4 (plus one chocolate covered pretzel rod). Then Sunday I wanted a trefoil cookie (Girl Scouts!!) and I thought, eh, it'll be fine. 2 cookies won't hurt. That turned into 4 cookies. Then the past few days I've had a cookie here and there. And I think I've kept myself to just one M&M since Saturday.

So the Week 2 Goal related to the Ultimate Cut Out The Sugar Goal, sill stay the same as Week One. Get that sweet treat craving kicked!!


I've been walking more! Yay! I am one workout behind this week-- I had intended to workout on Monday and it just didn't happen. One thing after another built up and it's the old excuse that I didn't get to it. I did work out today and will tomorrow, too to "catch up" on my 3 workouts this week!

Week 2 Goal is staying over-- 3 trainer workouts a week (with walking) and 4 days a week of stretches

Water. Oh. man. I thought this was going to be the easiest of the goals this week, but HAHAHAHA!!
I think I actually drank less water per day than I did even before I started this goal. I have no excuses or reasons. I either didn't want it, didn't think of it until later, or or or. Definitely need to step up my game this week!!

Exciting thing this week! I am planning my annual Labor Day Mommy's weekend off trip! Some friends and I are definitely hitting a beach this year! All the more reason to get healthy over the next few months!!

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