Monday, September 13, 2010

StarSearch: Pediatricians

I am on the quest for the perfect pediatrician. Today was my first step into the world, and I'm a bit excited. I have 2 meet and greets scheduled with two doctors at two different practices. Both are within 10 miles of the new house in Delaware, which is exciting, but neither have privileges at our delivering hospital. What does this mean? It means that they won't meet the babies until they're about a week old and the random pediatric person at St. Ann's will be the one checking and discharging the babies. Not a big deal to me, really, b/c I'd rather have the pediatrician(s) close by for the next few years than have one for the (hopefully) short hospital stay.

I have a fun list of questions for the meet and greets. Any input on the questions is wholly welcome!
1. Are you willing to support us with an alternate vaccination schedule?
2. Are you "twin friendly?" Meaning: will you do joint well visits? or at least make an attempt to schedule back-to-back appointments?
3. Do you have separate waiting rooms for well patients v. sick ones?
4. How likely are we to get same-day sick appointments? By what time of day do I need to call to get a same-day appointment?
5. Do the doctors in this practice rotate, or will we always see you for the well visits? (I realize sick visits are an entirely different animal)
6. What are your after-hours/weekend procedures? Are there charges for calling after hours?
7. How does this practice handle doctor vacations? Do you stagger them? What do you do around major holidays?

Now it really feels like we're in the home stretch! Dealing with the hospital post-birth plan (I don't really have a birth plan b/c there's no telling what's happening with twins. My OB at least knows I want as little intervention as possible), finding pediatricians, and getting excited to get the nursery established in the new house is making it all set in!

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Tracie said...

We used the on-call doctors when we had Coleman and we really liked them. We probably would have used them, but they were not close to our house. No doctors in our area go to the hospital where we delivered. It wasn't a big deal. We just brought all of our hospital paperwork with us to the pedi the day after we got released.

I didn't have a birth plan either, but everything went as well as I could have planned it. Hopefully the same will hold true for your little ones.