Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh, Life

Wow, my life has changed in the past few months. It's been hard to even think of having time to write this blog. In addition to the twins growing, and us being 10-12 weeks (hopefully!!) out from their arrival, we found out about 3 weeks ago we were moving from Upstate NY to Ohio. We got here on Saturday after a whirlwind week, really, of pulling together movers and such. With this move, we have decided to buy our first home. It is exciting and crazy and fun. We're currently in contract on a really cute house that would be the perfect place to start our family!

So, with all the life changes that have come about, I think it's about time for a blog change. It's still about what a woman lives on that isn't bread. And it will still include some healthy recipes that I use here and there. However, I plan to also talk about home (from the first-time buying experience to decorating and pulling the place together in a short time before the girls show up), love (raising two little girls and being married to my amazing husband), friendships (and finding them!) and even some religion occasionally.

Tomorrow is a busy day of meeting with a nurse to discuss and learn about pre-term labor symptoms and then going to the new house for a furnace inspection. My plan is to spend some time on Friday blogging about the first time home-buyers experience thus far!

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends!

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Scott Salsman said...

Cool, I'll look forward to your posts! Maybe I'll learn something! ;)