Monday, February 22, 2010

Things I Want to Eat v. Things I WILL eat

Substitute this: For this:

meatloaf with Kraft mac lower fat/no bread meatloaf
& cheese and corn muffins with sweet potatoes and
green beans
cookie dough ice cream 1 CarbSmart by Breyer's
chocolate & vanilla bar

burrito with rice, beans, pork,
cheese, sour cream, guac. etc. huevos rancheros

grilled cheese sandwich piece of Ezekiel bread with
reduced fat cheese toasted
without butter

steak and potatoes marinated flank steak and a
(lots of potatoes) baked sweet potato

General Tso's chicken ginger pork w/ string beans

fried catfish with corn not really sure b/c I don't
bread and collards at Hattie's like unbreaded fish. Ideas?

breakfast cereal oatmeal w/ dried cherries

cupcakes ?????????

chocolate chip cookies small piece of very dark chocolate

pasta with any cream sauce chicken in a light-cream-mostly-stock-sauce?

***I apologize for the formatting issues with this post. I've been trying to fix it for about 20 minutes now to no avail. I really need to meal plan and get to the grocery store, so it shall have to wait another day. Thanks for understanding :)

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Scott Salsman said...

Blogger makes formatting VERY difficult. I normally have issues just inserting photos and making everything look right around them.

Good post, though!